Bible Recap

Read the Bible with Us!

It goes without saying that the biggest key to spiritual formation is learning to read the Bible for yourself, but a lot of Christians skip through or ignore it completely. For those who do dip their toes in, they are left wondering, "what did I just read?"

In 2024 we are introducing the Bible Recap to help us learn to love the Bible and to see it in community. The Bible Recap is a chronological Bible reading plan and podcast that goes over the reading for the day.

To learn more about the Bible Recap, click the button below, and when you're ready to sign up click the get started button.

Don't Play Catch Up!

It's okay to jump in to the plan on Day 1, Day 100, or even Day 364! You can always go back later and catch up on the parts you missed, but you won't be able to catch up on the community if you miss it now. We will regularly be summarizing our progress through the story and Tara Leigh Cobble provides an excellent recap every month in her reflections and corrections episodes.

Here are the Highlights

That said, here are a list of the more important days in the reading plan if you want to go a little deeper:

Day 001 – Genesis 1-3 (Click here for the recap)Day 002 – Genesis 4-7 (Click here for the recap)
 Day 003 – Genesis 8-11 (Click here for the recap) Day 016 – Genesis 12-15 (Click here for the recap)
 Day 017 – Genesis 16-18 (Click here for the recap) Day 019 – Genesis 22-24 (Click here for the recap)
 Day 030 – Exodus 1-3 (Click here for the recap) Day 031 – Exodus 4-6 (Click here for the recap)
 Day 032 – Exodus 7-9 (Click here for the recap) Day 033 – Exodus 10-12 (Click here for the recap)
 Day 036 – Exodus 19-21 (Click here for the recap)

One More Thing

We want to go through this plan in community. That means we will be using the discussion feature in the Bible App, posting weekly recaps on Facebook, and talking about the plan in some of our groups. The ones going through the Bible Recap will be clearly marked.